Charisma isn’t just for Christmas!

So, there’s a day in January that is meant to be the worst day ever in terms of feeling low! Knowing that this day in advance is going to be ‘Disaster Monday’ sets us up to have a bad day. We tend to create what we think about… and not only that we can find ourselves saying, “Oh, it is the worst day of the year! So that’s why this happened to me!” Self-fulfilling prophecy!

Well, we actually don’t like this idea so, moving on in this vein to New Year’s resolutions, making these great decisions at the beginning of the year, which some people maintain but most of us falter on after a few weeks or months, means that if we don’t see these amazing results that we had imagined we can get disheartened.

What we mean is that it is great to set goals, aiming for things to achieve in the coming year, of course, but also… what about Now and feeling good Now. So what about if we turn it on its head and think about the positive things in life… like our inner glow… our charisma…. like connecting with other people….  like that warm feeling we find with people over the Christmas period. The fairy lights might have come down in the house, but our inner fairy lights haven’t. See our latest video for an exercise to keep you warm and glowing!

So we thought, what about if we create that through January and beyond instead – connecting, being willing to be connected with others, chatting to people, feeling that warm, vibrant glow that comes from a real exchange with someone. Isn’t that possibly a better way forward than going with this whole sense of “It is only two weeks in and I have I failed my resolutions!”.

Well, we certainly don’t want to set ourselves for failing, so we’re going for something that’s more about what we are enjoying now – the fact that the sun’s come out, that it was snowing but now it’s not, that it was raining but now it isn’t, that it was freezing but the sun was glistening on the ice and it was beautiful. Let’s spin some of this on its head.

And you know it may even happen that some of our resolutions will happen naturally because when we feel good, when we feel positive and connected, we naturally want to do some of the resolutions we’ve set – it is a natural thing more than a forced thing, really.

If we’re going for self-filling prophecies, let’s go for a day of charisma: Charisma Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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