We’re Coming out of the Closet

We think that we may have been a bit secretive and shy about the exercises in the book as each chapter does contain a place where you can go inside yourself to find your own way of finding what needs to be strengthened, to build up your courage, and to be able to step forward without feeling you’ve been made to feel invisible.

The book is such a mix of us – our love for and the fun we have in the rock ‘n roll celebrity world of radio and TV; and the need to express our intelligence with the journalistic quest to find out facts and truth. And then there are the exercises. We guess they are a reflection of our deep and meaningful side that we possibly keep in the closet, as we are all many-faceted, and it’s our attempt to integrate that into this book 

So we wanted to talk today about why the exercises exist in the book. It is about finding a quiet time to be able to reflect carefully… because the only way to find out if you’ve been made to feel invisible or if you are feeling ‘less-than’ as a woman, is by taking that quiet time to do so.

It’s really hard to do that when you’re on your own, which is why we are often saying, “please join the gang”, because we know that you can really need that support to actually carve out a bit of time to sit quietly and reflect on what is going on in your life. We have the QR codes in the book at the end of each chapter that take you to audio versions of the exercises, because if you are like us, you can read an exercise go to do it, and then forget half of it, so this way you can just sit back somewhere comfortable and let Livvy guide you through the exercise that you choose to do.

This is how the book works as a How-to book.

Firstly, you need to identify if there is a problem – so reading the different chapters will help you see if you resonate with that particular topic. We cover topics from invisibility, to bereavement, to fashion, to getting what you want in life, to becoming the charismatic person you may wish to be!

Secondly, finding the humour in the small stuff works as well. Laughter is really important it opens our hearts and sets off all those lovely endorphins in the brain; we will not be offended if you laugh at us or with us…. laughter works, it is invigorating, and it spreads a bit of joy.

Thirdly, by listening to the exercises at the end of each chapter you can go inside yourself and find that inspiration and inner strength to get in touch with it on a deep level and get through it.

So, to sum it up, the purpose of the book is to identify, invigorate and inspire!

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