Life’s rich – and sometimes bloody difficult – journey!

We felt it was time now to write a blog – something we have done in the past for the Huffington Post – because we have something to say: we want to talk about our journey to ‘here’, not because we think it’s anything special, as everybody has this journey, it’s just that sharing it together, and surviving the highs and lows together, makes the journey of life more manageable, more bearable at times, and sometimes even, hilarious fun!

So… one thing that’s interesting about getting older is that it gives you time to look back, as it’s really important to understand the way the world works. Now… if we hadn’t been through what we’ve been through, this book would not have been written because – like all people – we felt blocked, stymied, and interrupted on our journey. However, the truth is we weren’t really – we just couldn’t see the bigger picture.

We have just completed a book. We started wanting to write a book 12 years ago but so much other work was happening that it got put on the back burner, but as it happens, now felt the perfect time to write the book and this was the right book to write now – very different to the original book in fact! How curious – if we hadn’t lived the life we’ve lived to this date, this book wouldn’t have the content it does now or even the title it has now, so we are grateful for the journey. Can’t say we always have been, we have to say….!

How often we want to understand something and make sense of something but often we ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ because there just isn’t enough distance to look back to be clear about the path we’re meant to be going on.

It seems that the world has got very fast – we send and receive emails all the time and everyone wants replies as soon as possible; texts and messages demand instant responses. We remember when you had to use a telephone box and use the right coins – and your call would always run out as you didn’t have enough money! You had to wait outside the telephone box for the person to ring you back and hope someone else didn’t go in it! You didn’t communicate much with people if you were in another country because it was too much effort!

What we are saying is that that speed doesn’t give us enough time to make sense of why certain things don’t (or do!) happen in life and mostly – we could even say always – they happen (or don’t happen) because the route to here had to be that route, and you don’t know that until you do you know that!

We’d love to hear about your journey and how it is for you. Do leave us a comment!

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